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Machine Safety Equipment

Guard Door Monitoring Details
Guard Door Monitoring

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Safety switches, solenoid interlocks, electronic solenoid interlocks, electronic safety sensors, & safety switches for hinged guards.

Guard Door Monitoring

Safe Switching and Monitoring

An extraordinary extensive range of safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications.

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Guard Door Monitoring Products:

  • Safety switch with separate actuator
  • Solenoid interlock
  • Pull-wire emergency stop switches
  • Electronic safety sensors
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Optoelectronic Safety Devices Details
Optoelectronic Safety Devices

Comprehensive range of products such as safety light curtains & light grids to provide non-seperating safeguarding or hazardous areas.

Optoelectronic Safety Devices

你的太大了我要被撑裂了<p>Norman Equipment is a proud distributor of the Schmersal range of active optoelectronic devices (AOPD) to provide non-separating safeguarding of hazardous areas, ranging from point of operation to danger zone or perimiter guarding. These "virtual safety guards" are available as safety light barriers, safety light grids, & safety light curtains.</p>

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Control Devices with Safety Function Details
Control Devices with Safety Function

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Pull-wire emergency stop switches, emergency stop push-buttons, ergonomic control panels, foot switches, & two-hand control panels.

Control Devices with Safety Function

The control devices manufactured by Schmersal always ensure a safe and reliable transmission of the operator's commands. These devices have a long life and an intelligent ergonomic construction. Products include but are not limited to:

  • Pull-wire emergency-stop switches
  • Emergency-stop buttons
  • Control panel
  • Enabling switches
  • Safety foot switches
  • Two-hand control panels
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Tactile Safety Devices Details
Tactile Safety Devices

Safety pressure mats for wherever crushing or shearing points are to be safe guarded such as elevating platforms, rising stages, industrial gates, and more.

Tactile Safety Devices

When crushing or shearing points are present and need to be safeguarded, such as on elevating platforms, rising stages, sliding doors, or industrial gates, tactile safety devices offer a simple and easy to fit solution. In the hazardous area, two-dimensional safety devices could be useful as well. For example, industrial robots, punching machines, and woodworking machines.

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Safety Monitoring Modules & Control Systems Details
Safety Monitoring Modules & Control Systems

你的太大了我要被撑裂了For monitoring & control of machine guarding safety systems designed to increase the level of safety in machine guarding and/or E-stop control circuits.

Safety Monitoring Modules & Control Systems

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Safety controllers feature redundant, dual channel, cross monitoring logic circuits and are designed to increase the level of safety in machine guarding and/or E-stop control circuits. The circuits continuously check for and detect faults in the system's safety cicuit components and interconnection wiring.

Detecting Safety Circuit Faults

  • Welded interlock/E-stop switch contacts
  • Open circuits
  • Short circuits or ground faults
  • Capacitive or inductive interference on controller inputs
  • Welded or stuck contacts in the controlled output motor contactor or control relay
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Valve Automation Products Details
Valve Automation Products

Products intended to reduce facility risk and insurance costs while increasing safety for plant employees & surrounding communities from manufacturers such as Bi-Torq.

Valve Automation Products

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Products intended to reduce facility risk and insurance costs while increasing safety for plant employees and surrounding communities. Products include fire safe fusible link assemblies for emergency shutdown, spring return handles to eliminate the risk of leaving a critical valve in the wrong position, and lock-out devices for both automated and manual valves.

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Surge Protection Details
Surge Protection

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Pepperl+Fuchs surge protection modules reliably divert surges and currents to ground and protect people and machines against possible negative consequences.

Surge Protection

In process engineering plants such as refineries with exposed building parts or extensive water management systems, surge events can cause disastrous consequences: from damage or destruction of expensive components and machines to breakdown of complete automation systems-not to mention risks to personnel.

Besides these dangerous risks to people and environment, overvoltages are still one of the most common causes of damage in electrical plant engineering. They primarilty occur due to lightning strikes or switching operations, but also due to the following causes:

  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Brush fire of large electric machines
  • Fluctations in power supply
  • Ground faults / short circuits
  • Triggering fuses
  • Parallel installation of energy and information technology control systems

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Pepperl + Fuchs' product range provides you with powerful surge protection solutions for various applications including devices for signal line protection, supply line protection, fieldbus, and wireless solutions.

View the Intelligent Surge Protection PDF

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Safety Guides Details
Safety Guides

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Risk is an integral part of our daily lives. Hazards are also present in our working environment thus, it is important to identify anything that could pose a risk of injury & to eliminate hazards at work.

Safety Guides

Enerpac Safety Handbook

When used correctly, hydraulic power is one of the safest methods of applying force to your work. Our Safety Handbook from Enerpac provides important information for the proper use of hydraulic tools that promotes personal safety.

Pepperl + Fuchs Functional Safety Compendium

This compendium from Pepperl + Fuchs provides a comprehensive introduction into Functional Safety. Find out how to successfully implement your safety equipment based on hands-on case study for an overfill prevention system. The compendium also contains a glossary that helps you to quickly reference safety terminology whenever you need it.

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Safer machines provide a safer workplace with reduced liability and improved productivity. We offer a complete range of safety products and systems from trusted manufacturers such as Enerpac, Pepperl + Fuchs, and Schmersal. Our range of safety products and systems include but are not limited to:

  • Machine safety sensors
  • Safety interlocks
  • Light curtains & grids
  • Two hand controls
  • Pressure mats

Schmersal Product Ranges

  • Safe Switching & Monitoring: safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points.
  • Safe Signal Processing: safety relay modules for various safety technology applications (e.g. for emergency stop and guard door monitoring) as well as programmable safety controllers.
  • Automation Technology: switching appliances for the mechanical position detection in various fields of application as well as safety sensors with different operating principals.
  • Devices for Ex Zones: includes switchgears which can be used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gas and dust.