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Electric Valve Actuators & Network Control Systems

ROM Electric Actuator Details
ROM Electric Actuator

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Actuators for various small ball valves and butterfly valves, dampers, and ventilation louvres.

ROM Electric Actuator

The ROM mechanical part-turn actuator is a small, compact, lightweight part-turn actuator with mechanical and LED local position indication and efficient gearing. Actuators for various small ball valves and butterfly valves, dampers, and ventilation louvres. Other benefits and features include, but aren't limited to:

  • On/off duty; manual override; self-locking; ISO flanges
  • Available with local controls and phase rotation correction
  • Torque range 8 to 650 Nm (6 to 480 lbf.ft)
  • Wide range of supply voltages available
  • High speed variant available
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Q Standard Actuators Details
Q Standard Actuators

Q standard actuators for simple open/close duties where on/off control is required. Q Pak includes specially designed control interface module remote control signals.

Q Standard Actuators

Q 1-pahse part-turn actuators are small, electro-mechanical part-turn environmentally sealed to IP68. Featues of the Q range include but are not limited to:

  • Torque range 30 to 406 Nm (22 to 300 lbf.ft)
  • Rugged compact, doube sealed
  • Positive limitation through externally adjustable mechanical stops
  • 1-phase power supply
  • Marine option
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Remote Control RCEL Series Details
Remote Control RCEL Series

你的太大了我要被撑裂了Remote Control RCEL Series actuators provide efficient, high performance automation of quarter-turn valves.

Remote Control RCEL Series

The RCEL series meet all international standards for easy and quick mounting of actuators on valves and has a smooth and easy operation which considerably increases the life expectancy of the valve. Benefits and features of the RCEL actuator include but aren't limited to:

  • Torque range: 50Nm - 2,452 Nm; 443 lbf.in - 21,702 lbf.in
  • Permanently lubricated and self-locking gear drive
  • Built-in heater preventing condensation
  • Long life, maximum dependability
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HVAC Explosion-Proof Actuators & Control Systems Details
HVAC Explosion-Proof Actuators & Control Systems

Electric linear valve actuators and control systems designed for use in Ex areas for all gases, mists, vapors, and dust.

HVAC Explosion-Proof Actuators & Control Systems

ExMax + LIN and ExRun electric linear valve actuators are designed for use in Ex areas for all gases, mists, vapors, and dust. Features of these linear explosion-proof actuators include:

  • Thrust range 500 to 10,000 N (112 to 2,248 lbs)
  • Optional spring-return configuration (3, 10, or 20 secs available)
  • 1-phase and DC power supply options
  • Water and dust-tight IP66 rating

HVAC explosion-proof sensors and switches are designed for direct use in hazardous locations. No additional modules in the panel required and no intrinsically safe wiring required. Other characteristics of the ExCos modulating sensors and ExBin binary switches include:

  • Operating temperature range -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
  • Measurement pressure range 0 to +/- 7,500 Pa
  • DC power supply

你的太大了我要被撑裂了In combination with Ex-Max actuators, the ExReg controller system is a closed loop system for volume flow control (VAV, CAV,) pressure, temperature, and humidity. Features of this HVAC explosion proof control system include:

  • Operating temperature range -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
  • Measurement differential pressure range 0 Pa to 300 Pa
  • 1-phase and DC power supply options
  • Can be configured on site in the hazardous location
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Norman Equipment specializes in the latest in state of the art electric actuator range valves and network control systems from Rotork Controls, a leader in automation products for challenging critical applications and a division of Rotork, including:

  • Explosion proof actuators, sensors, switches, and controls
  • Intelligent multi-turn and part-turn valve actuators
  • Network control systems
  • Part-turn / rotary and linear control valve actuators
  • Specialist products for HVAC, power station, and pump metering applications

Testing & Quality Assurance

Achieving the highest levels of performance and reliability, all Rotork products are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 which is why Rotork Controls is recognized for being quality driven and committed to providing customers with robust and reliable products that are able to perform in the harshest of environments.